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You have an amazing proof of concept ? You are motivated and ready to develop a digital solution for your business idea ? DJM is the right partner to do so !

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Web development

Your performance mainly depends on the choice and appropriate use of technological solutions. Our experts will guide you in this process and help you develop your own competitive advantage.

Mobile application

Smartphones are now essentials in the customer journey. We help you achieve market leadership with an application that delivers a seamless user experience.


Every digital project is based on an UX/UI strategy. Our experts deliver concrete recommendations for an optimization of the ROI according to the business objectives.


Your strategic choices today determine your position tomorrow. By aligning your strategy with changing markets and consumer behaviour, we help you make the most of digital opportunities.

Data analytics

Knowing your audience is the key to moving way ahead of the competition. Measure, collect and analyze all your business data in order to proactively boost the company’s strategic decisions.

Growth marketing

It’s all about boosting what works & dropping what does not work. We help you building the tracked process of rapid experimentations to identify the most effective ways to grow your business.

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More than 20 years of expertise

More than 20 years of expertise

From the smallest regional companies to the largest national players, DJM has been involved in digital projects in a wide range of sectors for many years.

A multichannel mindset

A multichannel mindset

As a digital partner for the entire strategy, DJM considers the whole customer journey in order to integrate all channels to reach the target.

A shared philosophy

A shared philosophy

Mutual trust is the key to a successful partnership. DJM is ready to invest time in ambitious projects that share common values.

An international network

An international network

The digital world contains an infinity of players that are complementary. DJM has created a large number of relationships for sharing skills.

A flexibility-based approach

A flexibility-based approach

Each digital project is unique. DJM’s teams adapt to the needs and resources of the clients for an optimal collaboration in the long term.

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The questions you should be asking yourself before contacting us

  • DJM will be guiding you from the start to the finish regarding your choice of digital solutions and how to implement it the appropriate way for your business. Our experts in develoment and UX/UI will share their knowledge with you during workshops in order to find your market fit.

  • You are right where you are supposed to be ! DJM will provide you several coaching sessions to guide you through your UX/UI journey and decide the right online support for your product.

  • Of course ! DJM will provide advices on technological and digital solutions for the startups in need. DJM is always looking for partnerships and collaborators. Let’s help, together, small and promissing businesses to better perform.

  • Your performance mainly depends on the choice and appropriate use of technological solutions. Our experts will guide you finding the right competitive advantage to connect with your audience.

  • Of course ! Our 20+ years of expertise and wide network will be at use in order to guide the projects you have invested in and deliver the right solutions form the start.

  • Of course ! DJM will gather a group of experts to guide you through a tailor-made technical and digital solution.

  • DJM has a flexibility-based approach. If we believe in your product, we will gladly adapt to your needs and resources for an optimal collaboration in the long term.

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